Functional Nutrition Supplements

Most of the times, diet alone cannot bring the body back to optimal/functional health because:

  1. We evolved eating wild foods that contained dramatically higher levels of all vitamins, minerals, and essential fats.

  2. Due to depleted soils, industrial farming, and hybridization techniques, the animals and vegetables we eat have fewer nutrients.

  3. Processed factory-made foods and sugars have no nutrients.

  4. The total burden of environmental toxins, lack of sunlight, and chronic stress leads to higher nutrient needs.

The basic role of supplements is to bring the body from deficiency to sufficiency.


The brand, the ingredients and the form of our supplements are very important so they can be useful from our bodies.

The following websites offer the best functional/pharmaceutical grade supplements in Europe.

Some of the best and cleanest brands I like to use in my practice are: Thorne, Pure encapsulations, Organic3, Apex Energetics, Designs For Health, Moss Nutrition κ.α.

Functional supplements amrita

Amrita Nutrition (formerly called Functional Nutrition Supplements) spend considerable time researching and sourcing the very highest quality supplements available from manufacturers regarded as leaders and innovators in their field.

They are stockists of Biomatrix, Designs for Health, Seeking Health and many more.

You can order their products with a 10% discount by registering to their website and setting the name ''Panagiotis Tsintavis'' in the field ''Affiliate to a practitioner'' inside your account information.

For any help don't hesitate to email me at​.

Functional supplements Yourhealthbasket

Your Health Basket  is a UK based company supplying best quality food supplements from the UK, Europe and beyond.

Stockists of a number of speciality brands including Amy Yasko RNA products, Numedica, Seeking Health and  Nordic Naturals


You can order their products with a 10% discount by putting the coupon code ''panagiotis10'' in your checkout page.

For more information about supplements contact

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